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Storing mountains of documents, year after year, is expensive and with new technologies, virtually redundant. Not only do you have to house and maintain the documents, but also carefully inventory them so you can locate information when required.

With new technologies you can now store an entire warehouse in a desk drawer. Quality Litigation Services offers a complete document management service that includes scanning to convert documents to data files, optical character recognition (ocr) to translate images to text, coding and indexing to facilitate storage and retrieval, and archiving for long term storage.

Please call us today to schedule an informal meeting with your account manager to discuss your document storage situation, or continue reading to learn more.

In addition to being able to scan high volumes of documents we can manage the process from start to finish. From initial document preparation, conversion to common file types, pdf creation, storage planning, to complete archiving options, we have quality control to ensure that each document is scanned perfectly.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Changing a scanned document is only possible when the image has been converted to text. We offer the most accurate OCR service to ensure you can amend and also search your documents for pertinent information.
Retrieving information quickly is the most important part of document storage. We offer a complete archive management solution to you have quick and easy access to your information.
Ultimately you need to be confident that your documents are safe and secure. We can output your files to CD or DVD with index reports to show where your data is located.
Blowback Printing
When you need a complete set of documents created from your files, we have printing stations that can quickly produce ordered sets from your disks.
Keyword Searching
Once you have transferred your documents to data format, we offer the ability to search for specific information by keywords and produce reports based on the retrieved data.
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