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Quality Litigation Services is at the forefront of electronic discovery. We have long recognized that the rapid growth in computerization and the high percentage of data that exists only in electronic form make e-discovery crucial for effective case preparation. Quality Litigation Services specializes in both off-line and network discovery. Our professionals know how to locate, secure, and preserve all forms of electronic data, such as text, images, spreadsheets, coded abstracts, databases, software, hardware, and email. We understand that the success of your case depends not only on implementing the latest technology, but on utilizing it effectively. At Quality Litigation Services, we partner with your litigation team to help you manage digital discovery and reconcile electronic data with traditional paper discovery. Our goal is to simplify the e-discovery process so that you can focus on what is important --winning your case.
Securing Electronic Discovery
We offer full-service electronic discovery support. We help you formulate appropriate e-discovery requests and then scrutinize the digital data for evidentiary value. Our computer specialists are trained to extract and convert digital information so it is usable for you, and our litigation professionals will help you organize it as you prepare for trial.
Producing Electronic Discovery
We help you navigate the difficult terrain of e-discovery production, including reviewing opposing counsel’s discovery requests, preparing objections to overly broad demands, and then assisting in the collection and production of relevant electronic data.
Computer Forensics
Our highly trained computer forensics experts recover active, deleted, and temporary files from a computer’s hard drive, as well as “shadow” and “slack” files buried within it. We are a leader in this specialized form of e-discovery.
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