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Preparing for trial is undeniably one of the most daunting prospects facing a law firm. Managing trial exhibits, interrogatories, pleadings, motions, and discovery is both time consuming and prone to error.

At Quality Litigation Services we understand the challenge. Our long experience managing high volume off-site copying, our custom designed tracking system, and our meticulous attention to detail will ensure your projects are always error-free.

Please call us today to schedule an informal meeting with your account manager to discuss your upcoming projects, or continue reading to learn more.

Account Manager
Every step of the litigation copying process is supervised by your account manager. From the moment we collect and inventory your boxes to the point at which they are returned to you, your account manager will be available to provide an accurate status of your job.
Personal attention
When we collect your job specifications and boxed originals we transfer the documents to our Center City facility where they are inventoried and the job plan is prepared.
High speed copying
Following the job plan we unbox and copy the documents using our high speed copying systems. Once copied they are transferred to the Quality Check department.
Meticulous quality check
Each document is checked by a person whose sole job it is to ensure the accuracy of the copying process. Page by page, they check to ensure each copy is of the highest quality and in the proper order.
Bates labeling
When required we apply bates labels and these documents are also subject to our quality check process.
Completing the job
Finally we rebox the documents and copies, index and label the boxes and return them to you.
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